Result from the 10th PCL match of the season away to Sidcup as follows:-


Blackheath & Greenwich 6 points (102 shots), Sidcup 1 point (72 shots)


Great result for B&G securing 6 points in this top of the table clash v last years PCL winners


Blackheath & Greenwich                                                        Sidcup

Rink 2

G Barnes-Warden, M Taylor, E Allen, T Beesley 38 ;            A Bartlett, R Holridge, T Talbot, J Bunccat 11


Rink 3

A Cambridge, G Llewelyn, S Wardhaugh, P Field 30 ;          L Ellis, J Telfer, M Moore, R Cornish 11


Rink 4

L Ereira, D Field, D Willis, J King 19 ;                                     K Peacle, P Wincrave, M Waters, S Putland 17


Rink 5

J Carey, G Large, K Jackaman, R D'Costa 15 ;                        R Bentley, A Pettet, R Woodward, M Garrard 34