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Club Officers

President : Mick Taylor

Club Secretary : Darren Willis

Treasurer : Jan Belsey

Company Secretary : Tom Beesley

Green Ranger : Nigel Callaghan

Men's Officers

Captain : Vince Morgan 

Vice-Captain : Chris Hopkins 

Fixtures Secretary : Nigel Callaghan (email :

KCBA Delegate : Martyn Sekjer

LX Delegate : Alan Watts

Selection Committee : Darren Willis, Ted Allen, Del Field, Vince Morgan

Ladies' Officers

Captain : Kathy Russell

Vice-Captain :Denny Rutherford

Fixtures Secretary : Nigel Callaghan (email:

NWK Delegate : Sue Roberts

KCBA Delegate : Jean Parsons

General Committee 

Sue Roberts, Denny Rutherford, Paula Taylor, Jackie Salter (Recruitment)

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