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What equipment will I need?

As a beginner, the only equipment you will need are a set of bowls and flat shoes.


The Club has various sets of bowls (4 per set) which a member will lend to you to begin with.


Once you decide the sport is for you, you will no doubt want to buy your own set of bowls and members will guide you through the process of where to buy and the different sets of bowls on offer.


As the bowling green is a  a relatively delicate surface, we do ask that all players wear bowling shows. However, for trying the sport for the first few times, a pair of flat shoes ( e.g. trainers without deep tread marks) are fine. 

Once you progress, you will no doubt want to consider other optional accessories, for example:-

  • A bag to carry your bowls 

  • A measure

  • Spray Chalk

  • Drying cloths and grip gels 

  • Waterproofs

Compared to some sports, lawn bowls is relatively inexpensive and great value for money.

Do I need to wear any specialist clothing?

This varies depending on what you games/matches you eventually end up playing.

When you first play, just turn up in what you feel comfortable in wearing.

As you progress, you will require club colours and/or white clothing for certain matches. A member will let you know what is required so for the time being, don't worry about what to wear/what not to wear.

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